About Us

Artison History

Artison was launched in January 2003 by Cary Christie, one of the world's most respected loudspeaker designers.

Mr. Christie has had an illustrious career spanning for over 30 years. Throughout his career he has set the standard for creative product leadership, evidenced in such products as first servo controlled subwoofer system, the award winning Black Widow tone arm, and advanced planar loudspeaker drivers.

In 1993, he formed Christie Designs to pursue the advancement of state-of-the-art audio development. In January 1996, Mr. Christie and the Christie Design Corporation development team created a High Output Series of loudspeakers and The Edge Series to lead the industry in technology driven, multi-channel application speaker systems. In 2001, Mr. Christie developed the Phantom Series, the "first" on wall loudspeaker designed specifically to integrate with the new Plasma Television systems.

In founding Artison, Mr. Christie continues to push the technology envelope, as the company demonstrates its expertise by developing technological innovations that enhance consumers' home audio and video enjoyment. Artison generated great excitement with its debut product, Portrait, and its counterparts Masterpiece, Sketch LCRs along with the LRS In Wall and On Wall Surrounds. The LCRs have integrated the three front channels, (right, left, center) into two slim panels designed specifically for use with flat panel displays.

In 2006 and 2007 Artison introduced a complete offering of high performance In Wall and Freestanding Subwoofers to complement the LCR speakers and LRS Surrounds.

Home entertainment has undergone a revolution: From the early days of bulky black-and-white televisions and monaural phonographs, consumers can now enjoy "home theater," complete with digital-quality movies and music, sleek, theater-style flat panel monitors that hang on the wall, and surround sound speakers that take them right into the action.

Artison is immersed in the development of additional lifestyle and high-end product lines that incorporate the company's proprietary technologies. Today's technology, however, is just the beginning - and poised to help take home entertainment to even greater heights is Artison, a company dedicated to developing exciting new audio and video applications for the 21st century